Maria Strømme

PhD, professor ved Ångströmlaboratoriet, Uppsala universitetet

Dr. Strømme is Professor of Nanotechnology at Uppsala University where she is heading a research department developing nanomaterials for biotechnology applications and energy storage. Strømme was appointed professor in 2004, and thus became the youngest technology chair professor in Sweden at age 34. In 2005 Strømme was the only Scandinavian to be selected "Young International Scientific Leader" by the American Academy of Achievement Summit. Strømme is the author of 261 international journal publications, 310 conference papers and 12 book sections/review articles and the inventor behind 30+ patents/patent applications within 10 patent families. Strømme has been the main PI of ~15 national and international research centers/frame work programs. During 2012 Strømme was part of the Research Committee (Sw. Forsknings- beredningen) as an advisor to the Ministry of Research and Education. Dr. Strømme is an elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2013) as well as the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (2011). She is the vice chairman of the latter since 2015. She is, till date, the youngest person to have received the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences Gold Medal (2012) ‘for her basic and applied research in nanotechnology and for her extensive entrepreneurship within physics and medicine’. Strømme is the founder of the company Disruptive Materials AB commercializing the mesoprous magnesium carbonate Upsalite® for moisture sorption, filtration/separation and drug delivery applications. Disruptive Materials AB was on the list of Sweden’s 33 hottest hightech companies both in 2014 and in 2015. The company also won Venture Cup Sweden as well as Nordic Clean Tech Open 2014 and it is presently undergoing a rapid expansion in number of employees.