The Future of Work – The content of jobs

21 October 2019 in Oslo, Norway

How will robotisation, artificial intelligence and automatisation affect how we work in ten or twenty years? And what should students learn in the age of AI and biotech?

  • Learning Centers – A tidal wave in shaping the workforce of the future
  • The National Platform for Learning Systems  –  Uniting experts from science, industry and society  to strengthen Germany’s international positioning in digitalisation
  • Towards an inclusive robot society –  Will robotisation and automation destroy jobs and create unemployment?
  • Artificial intelligence in education – How will the education and learning be influenced?
  • Employee 2030 – What will be the required knowledge and skills? How do we fill the gaps? – Panel discussion
  • Trust in a time of transition – Cases from the Norwegian private and public sector

Speakers and contributors



Change drivers and opportunities

Cases from the Norwegian private and public sector

Knowledge and skills