Suzanne Amy McEnroe

PhD, professor ved Institutt for geologi og bergteknikk NTNU

Suzanne McEnroe has Masters and PhD degrees (1993) from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. After moving to the Geological Survey of Norway as a researcher in 1996, she has had extensive research leaves at Bavarian Research Institute of Experimental Geochemistry & Geophysics in Germany, CSIRO, Australia, and USA. She joined NTNU in 2012 and presently has a group of 8 (2 PD, 3 PhD and 3 MS students) working on magnetic properties and interactions from the nanoscale to the planetary scale. Her research is focused on understanding the fundamental magnetic properties of rocks and minerals, and how the atomic-scale properties affect magnetic anomalies on local, regional and planetary scales. Research in this area lead to breakthroughs in understanding magnetic behavior of minerals, especially the atomic properties of interfaces in oxides, especially the discovery of a new type of magnetism, ‘lamellae magnetism’, with exceptional magnetic properties, including extreme exchange bias. Projects have been funded by NFR and EU programs in fundamental mineral sciences, exploration, nanotechnology, and space research and are highly interdisciplinary. Co- authors are in the fields of physics, chemistry, nanomaterials, crystallography, geophysics and space science with publications in: Geophysical journals, Nature, Physical Reviews B, Nature Nanotechnology, American Mineralogist. Courses taught focus on exploration for natural resources, crustal magnetism and advanced mineral magnetic properties.